Employee Parking

To obtain employee parking, faculty and staff must go through a waitlist process in Park@Brown, the University's online parking system.

Request Parking in Park@Brown 

Faculty and staff must go through the waitlist process by logging into Park@Brown using their Brown credentials. You may request parking by adding your name to a waitlist, and you may register for two waitlists. Once a space becomes available, the Transportation Office will notify you by email. Your parking fee will be paid for by payroll deduction and determined by your annual salary, refer to the parking rates table on this page. You must be on Brown’s direct payroll to participate in this program.

Brown University does not currently offer a carpool program.

Access Park@Brown

Employee ADA Parking

All Brown ADA dedicated spaces require a Brown ADA permit or a temporary ADA permit approved by the Transportation Office.  All employee temporary ADA parking requests are to be submitted to and approved by Broadspire before contacting the Transportation Office.  Broadspire can be contacted directly at 1-888-599-8576. 

Employee Accommodation Services

All ADA parking rates are the same as the standard employee rates below.

Employee Parking Rates

Daytime Off-Street Lot Parking
Salary Range Annual Fee Monthly Payroll Deduction Bi-weekly Payroll Deduction Weekly Payroll Deduction
$0 - $49,999 $657 $54.77 $25.28 $12.64
$50,000 - $99,999 $668 $55.63 $25.68 $12.84
$100,000 - $149,999 $921 $76.76 $35.43 $17.71
$150,000+ $1128 $94.01 $43.39 $21.70
Daytime On-Street Leased Parking - Map of On-Street Parking Spaces
Salary Range Annual Fee Monthly Payroll Deduction Bi-weekly Payroll Deduction Weekly Payroll Deduction
$0 - $49,999 $492 $40.97 $18.91 $9.45
$50,000 - $99,999 $502 $41.83 $19.31 $9.65
$100,000 - $149,999 $621 $51.75 $23.88 $11.94
$150,000+ $776 $64.69 $29.86 $14.93